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Hello World!

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I have been working on a plan for my first blog post for a few months now and there’s just so much to write about! I had a very hard time figuring out what I wanted to write about first. So, here it is!

There’s been a lot of hours, sweat and tears put into this website. I figured if I stuck with it long enough I’d finally get where I wanted to be eventually. I’ll get it out in the open now, I love to write but I’m not the best at grammar. Just to warn you, if you are a grammar critic… just go easy on me please.
So, you may be thinking ” alright, where is she going with this? ” well… one thing I’d like to squeeze in here is Patience is a Virtue my friend 😉 remember I told you that I liked to write so if you like to read about a 43 year old woman’s life story then you are about to learn a different and unique story ( at least I’d like to think that I’m the only one in this big world with these life experiences.) Am I right? Don’t you ever feel that you are the only one who has gone through some bumps and blocks along your life’s journey?

Well, I know I’m just kidding myself but in all reality I know someone out there can relate and in return have an aha moment. Maybe even be inspired or motivated to keep moving forward. Maybe even start their own blog?

Alright, let’s get this show on the road!
Let’s start with a question shall we? OK maybe 2 questions… who’s counting? OK in all seriousness how many times have you wanted to travel and get out of the town, maybe even the same road you live on? What about wanting to just leave the house!? OK, that might be an unfair question considering that we’ve had a pandemic on our hands for over a year now. But, be honest with yourself for a second. When was the last time you took a real vacation? Or any time, just to be unplugged? 
I know it’s hard for most people who work long hours for their boss and then come home and work long hours at home with your families. I hear it all the time! Does this sound familiar? ” I wish I just had 2 hours to myself” “I wish I could take the time off to go in vacation to that vacation home I’ve always dreamed of going to, just to get away from ppl and society.”

That was me ALL THE TIME before it actually happened and reality sink in that we didn’t have a home to go to anymore! So once you get to know me, you’ll find out why I talk about being passionate so much and that I am driven to move forward and now you may know where this is going but maybe not… either way, what’s that saying? “Want in one hand and ____ in the other?” LOL, I know I’ve got a weird sense of humor but there’s no changing that. When I turned 43 I had a total different view on certain things. Things that were so important but not really important you know. At least not anymore. It just goes to show that things can always turn on you in an instant. Was it fate? Or was it someone else’s control the whole time?

It’s been since October that my husband and I had to sell almost everything that we owned so we could purchase a travel trailer. I’ll rewind a bit and tell you why this happen, it’s simply just what happened and this isn’t to bash anybody who was involved at all. Long story short, We were just led to believe that we were going to go in on some property close to our close families. We went as far as property searching that led to big talk about our future plans and with that comes hope and excitement. At this point, we still had our house to clean out so our friends could have their house without all of our clutter there too. Needless to say things changed and we were left scrambling to figure out “what next?”
Fast forward to October again, after a big change in the situation we knew we had to kick it up a notch and get stuff done so we had somewhere to go. After long days of yard selling it up and market placing our belongings, we finally earned enough to look for our travel trailer. I’ll add that we were just going to put everything in storage until we had property to move everything until the sudden change.
So now we have the money to get a travel trailer, something we didn’t have to put any extra money into because we were pretty tapped out.
Exciting news! We found “the one.” Yes, we were starting to get desperate because time was not on our side at that moment. So we drive a few hours to pick it up. It was perfect for us! At last things are going our way and we can continue on our plans. That’s what we had hoped anyways, but that story has enough time for another blog post in the future.
Fast forward again to February, we’re still waiting. Why? Because now we have a dog that don’t belong to us and with the situation at hand there was no word on how long it would be until she can go back with her mom. So, what else can we do? We didn’t want to keep going back and forth staying with family so we decided to just GO!
Yes, I’m a firm believer in “everything happening for a reason. I’ve been through a lifetime of disappointment and heartache, can you feel me? That saying will always be stuck with me for as long as I shall live. And yes, that might take some writing for another time.
I would love to conclude this with that last spill. 🙂 I’m embracing these changes and the unknown ahead of us. Only “I” am in control of my own choices, my own decisions with my own actions in my present life. With taking the bull by the horns, my 2 years of feeling lost and keeping busy by trying to just do good. That’s my different view on things at my age, sometimes it just takes some self affirmations and much appreciated support from your loved ones to feel like a lioness.

Life is so different when you stop taking things for granted don’t you think? Well, everything happens for a reason and we have to believe in something to keep moving forward to get what we want in life.

On that very last note… please share my story! Comment your thoughts I want to know if you could relate and if you felt inspired. ~ Jenae Say

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