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My passion is life as it is, being a travelin’ Fool with my husband while helping people find quality beauty & health products as well as a different variety of Fashion accessories and a way to work from home.

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If you share a passion for health & beauty plus a little fashion & travel, you are in the right place! I have finally found the perfect strategies to gain customers as well as build some awesome business relationships. I truly owe it all to the support of my husband and the mentor-ship of a couple very patient & wise individuals who have been so patient with guiding me along my exciting journey called life. Come on in and take a peek

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My husband and I are both retired and we decided to take a trip around the US. We’ve put thousands of miles in and are almost all the way back around again. 


Jenae Say will feature anything from clothing, accessories, cosmetics. skincare, nails & health purchased by herself as well as other samples sent from different brands. Jenae Say is not required or forced to give positive reviews about products that is used or things that she attends or visits, but strives to be honest in her personal reviews and experiences. Jenae Say is not required or forced to review brand products or samples, and what goes in her blog posts are determined solely by her and they reflect only her opinions and personal reviews. Jenae Say also shares affiliate links throughout her website and makes a commission off of the sales of those links. Jenae Say is not responsible for anybody’s misuse of purchased products nor is she responsible for the time affiliates put in on their own who join the recommended work from home opportunities to make money. She is however responsible for good customer service and making sure new affiliates or influencers know how to get started with their new business.

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I am just an old retired Beautician & disabled veteran who enjoys traveling. I love purchasing my own Beauty & wellness products that are of good quality and at affordable prices. I also love when others can too! Hope you find what you are looking for.